• JD

The Smiling Couple

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Samantha & Riaan got married on 21 December 2018, at Craddle Valley Lodge (Muldersdrift, South Africa).

We did an engagement shoot with Samantha & Riaan earlier in the year. The importance of an engagement shoot is discussed in another post - but, during the engagement shoot we got the first glimpse into how much fun we'll have with this couple.

It was a beautiful summer's day, the setting couldn't have been more perfect. For the getting ready pictures, there was a beautiful swing with a shed behind it. It did take Samantha some convincing to get onto the swing (I mean, you wouldn't want to risk getting hurt or ruining your hair), but the picture came out beautifully.

Samantha had only one bridesmaid, which allowed for more time to take pictures during the getting ready as well as for more intimate pictures. I really prefer it when the bridal party is smaller - it really just makes everything "easier".

More getting ready pictures on the bride's side.

I also love taking pictures of the bride and groom, portrait style, right before she leaves to the chapel. Its almost like their 'last single' picture before becoming one.

And here is the groom.

Yes, they are nervous before "the big moment", so it is important as the photographer / videographer, to try and make them feel at ease. But, you also do want to capture that good 'nervousness' to remember the moment.

And the confetti...

With such a stunning couple, the photoshoot was actually quite easy. Craddle Valley also have a few horses on the premises, and such a beautiful animal does bring another dimension to the pictures.

It is very important to get the timing of the photoshoot right. Too early, and you'll have to deal with harsh sunlight. Too late, and you wont have any natural light to work with. Luckily we had a meeting with Samantha and Riaan well in advance, so we could work out the 'perfect' schedule. We got the golden hour...

After the photoshoot, the couple got to breathe a little and spend some moments alone (for the first time since the ceremony). Thereafter, it was time for the reception, which was full of fun and games...

Sam (FireProductions) also had a great idea of playing with some sparklers during the night and getting some long exposure shots... these were really fun to shoot.

The day was filled with love, and we were so honoured to have been part of it. We had so much fun and were so please with the way the photos came out.