• JD

The Ones That Made it to the Wall

Ok.. disclaimer, we are a little proud of this one.

The Pictures on the Wall

So we were asked to do a family shoot in the bush. The couple loves the bush and nature, so we headed out to a farm in Limpopo. To be honest, it wasn't the easiest shoot to pull off. Their little boy is 1 and half years old, and as you may know, that is a very 'active' age. We also got a slightly late start - we opted for a morning shoot - so the sun was a little harsh already.

The shot below was really difficult to pull off. We were shooting into the light, and we had to get the timing perfect. With kids, its always difficult to get them to look into the camera and smile at the same time. You usually only get about a split second to get it right. Luckily, Sam was standing right behind me to get his attention, and we nailed the shot.

And then of course, while he was playing, we got the chance to take a picture of the couple.